Homes and Land

  • What is a Section 106 agreement?  
  • Where would the housing be located?  
  • Is there a minimum size of affordable housing scheme that can be built?  
  • How much will be paid for the land?  
  • How long before the homes are built?  
  • How much and what type of housing will be built?  
  • Who will be allocated the new homes?  
  • Will the parish council or landowner have a say in who the houses will go to?  
  • How can we be sure the homes will go to local people?  
  • How will the homes remain for local people in the future?  
  • What is meant by local people?  
  • How is it you are being allowed to build on greenfield sites?  
  • Will this development lead to more housing being built in the village?
  • Will the development lead to more traffic in the village?

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