Rural Housing Week 2018: Affordable housing- helping Hampshire rural communities thrive

Rural Housing Week 2017It’s national Rural Housing Week and there is plenty to celebrate locally!

Since 2005 the HARAH partnership has provided 490 new affordable homes in 49 villages across Hampshire. The past year alone has seen an incredible 90 new homes built.  These 490 affordable homes provide accommodation for around 2000 local people, with 99% of new residents having a strong proven connection to the village where the homes are.

Figures reveal just how important these homes are local households- someone on an average salary would need a pay rise of between 133% in Test Valley, and 203% in the New Forest to be able to get a mortgage to buy in their area. HARAH’s homes are affordable- some are for rent at 80% or less of the market rent, and others are shared ownership. Almost a quarter of adults living in rural areas name housing as one of the most important issues facing Britain today, so these homes offer a lifeline for local people wanting to remain or work in their village.

As well as providing homes, affordable housing also breathes life into rural communities. On average, every month across Britain, 11 rural schools, 3 rural post offices and 1.5 village GP surgeries close. New affordable homes provide new customers and job opportunities to help keep Hampshire schools, shops, post offices and pubs open and vibrant.

HARAH is always looking to work in more villages across Hampshire, but in order to help local communities thrive, land is needed for the new homes. Working with HARAH allows land owners to provide a benefit to local people, to leave a legacy and to convert redundant land to capital.

Any landowners, Parish Council and local residents can speak to HARAH to find out more about rural affordable housing 01962 857361 or look further at our website.

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