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HARAH's main purpose is to provide high quality affordable housing that meets local needs identified in Hampshire villages and in doing so, help to build sustainable communities. 

HARAH aims to be a key partner for Parishes and to provide resources to support local communities in helping them to meet their housing needs.

What makes HARAH different is that we work in partnership with the local community and we approach the development of a scheme in an open and consultative way. 

Involvement does not end once a scheme is built - HARAH's development partner, Hampshire Village Homes will provide ongoing support to the local community ensuring the long term success of any development undertaken.

The short film below provides an insight in to how HARAH works with Parishes to meet local needs. This film was made when Hyde were HARAH's development partner, but the process remains the same.

How does HARAH support Parishes?

HARAH has appointed independent Rural Housing Enablers (RHEs) whose role is to work with and support Parish Councils and local communities. They will advocate for local priorities, support communities in meeting their local needs and ensure that ongoing consultation allows people to stay informed.

Typically, the way in which a scheme is explored follows our recommended guidelines  that have been drawn up based on previous experience. However the approach can be tailored to the individual needs of the community. This normally involves the following:

  • Identify the housing need
  • Identify potential sites
  • Work with our  development partner to ensure an appropriate, high quality design and a mix that best meets local need
  • Consult with the Parish Council to ensure the homes are available to local people through the nominations process.
  • At every stage we strive to keep the local community informed and consulted.

More detailed guidance is set out in our Ten Stage Guide.

How do I find out more?

For further information on how HARAH supports local communities see links on right hand side.  Alternatively you can contact us by email (

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