Ensuring long term success

Working with residents to build communities

Resident involvement does not stop once a scheme is built. We want residents to enjoy where they live and to feel they are part of a lasting community.

We work with residents from the time they are allocated their home by the council.

We arrange open days at the properties to give residents the opportunity to get to know their home and to help them plan for practical things like carpets and furniture. Each resident has a detailed handover, ensuring they know how the property works, understand particular features of the scheme and have the contact details for their housing officer. We follow this up with a visit to them in their new home less than a month after moving in, to see how they are settling in.

We believe it is vital to create a community spirit very early on with new developments. That's why we hold 'welcome to your new home' events for residents to get to know one another and the HARAH partners.

Each new development has specific areas including car parking and gardens. We work with residents to agree how they will use and look after open spaces, and how they will treat each other. Residents are encouraged and supported to form residents' associations.

Impact assessments and surveys

For a sample of schemes, once completed and residents are settled in, we undertake an impact assessment to examine if the scheme is meeting their needs and expectations. This involves consulting with residents, the parish council and other members of the local community on factors including whether they think the homes have proven to be affordable, are eco friendly and make a positive contribution to the local area. Ropley Impact Assessment is an example.

HARAH has also undertaken a survey of parish councils to identify best practice and learning points that it can take forward into future schemes.

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