Projects on Hampshire County Council Land

Breamore homes

Breamore and Denmead are the first of a number of rural schemes which are a joint venture between Hampshire County Council (HCC), which has provided the land, and HARAH which will be delivering the homes through their development partner, the Hyde Group.

Hampshire County Council aims to make suitable plots of land available to provide affordable homes across the county. Where the plots of land fall within the HARAH rural area, the County Council will usually work with HARAH and the homes will be delivered by the Hyde Group.

The scheme in Breamore is located next to the old station and disused railway line, now a footpath. Considerable effort has been put into the fine detail of the design to maintain the character of the old station. The scheme of five homes was completed in November 2012 and new residents moved in shortly afterwards.

The project in Denmead provides 11 homes for local people on a HCC owned site next to the primary school. The scheme was completed in March 2015. The completion of the scheme was celebrated in September 2015 during HARAH's 10th birthday year.

HARAH are currently working with Wonston Parish Council to provide affordable homes for local people on HCC owned land in the parish.

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