Ensuring the affordability of HARAH homes

The rents charged on affordable rented homes are restricted so that they are no more than 80% of open market rents. Most rents are lower than this. Affordable rented homes on exception sites are exempt from the 'Right to Acquire', which means you cannot buy your home. Mutual exchanges are limited to people with a local connection, so you can only swap homes with someone who has a local connection to the village.

The cost of shared ownership housing can vary greatly, depending on who is the provider. One of HARAH criteria is to make sure that the sale prices and residual rents are affordable to local people, reflecting the information from the village needs survey.

HARAH is working to ensure that the resale price is also at a price affordable to local people. Our tenancy leaflet has information on Right to Acquire and mutual exchange- this leaflet refers to our previous development partner Hyde, a new leaflet will be produced reflecting the position for Hampshire Village Homes. In the meantime, please contact HARAH for any details.

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