HARAH Happy Endings

By working in partnership with HARAH, rural communities across Hampshire have been able to play their part in creating homes that have transformed the lives of more than 900 people.

Below, we introduce some of the residents from Hampshire districts within the HARAH partnership who explain what their HARAH home means to them.

Simon Turner grew up in South Warnborough and, feeling isolated, having moved away to accessible accommodation following a severe injury, was desperate to return to the community he loved. Read his story here.

Anne Blake was born in Twyford as the 5th of 6 children. She grew up here, went to the village school and worked in the village laundry and residential home. Her husband Peter worked as a local taxi driver. Read their story here.

Doug Wheeler's family have lived in Mattingley for generations. He would love to continue living in Mattingley among family and friends but is unable to do so as he cannot access affordable accommodation. Read his story here.

Linda Hall and her husband Jeff moved into a property built by HARAH in Martin, New Forest, 18 months ago. Linda has a strong local connection to Martin. She moved to the village when she was seven and attended the local village school. Read their story here.

Mr Bunce, a retired postman, has a strong local connection to Ropley, East Hampshire. He raised his two children in the village and his grandchildren who are now mostly in their early 20's attended the village school. Read why he is "delighted to be back " here.

David and Dorothy Bateman moved into a property in Monxton, Test Valley, four years ago. The homes were developed through the HARAH partnership and the Registered Provider is Hyde. Read their story here.

Michelle Green and her family moved into a three bedroom property in Monk Sherborne, Basingstoke & Deane, five years ago. Michelle's mother, step-dad and brother live across the road. Read about their happy ending here.

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